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Design and layout, Photo Selection and Manipulation, Branding, Icon Design



The Telegraph Group's growing staff development department wanted an identity, and they asked me to create a brand that could run across all internal channels. I designed the logo, printed and online brochures, fact sheets, icons, web and social assets, and both static and animated screens that could be displayed in their Sky Lobby at reception. Here are just a small selection of the printed and online collateral I created to market the various training courses available to both employees and interns. 

When the publishers decided to continue ShortList as an online-only business, they wanted to raise brand awareness and increase traffic for their expanding website. I was tasked with designing branding that would capture the "anything and everything reviewed" content of the website, that could run across all social media channels. I designed a full range of icons that could easily showcase the diversity of the ShortList reviews, then hit upon the idea of placing each icon on a button of a keyboard to signify if someone is looking for an unbiased review of a product they are looking to purchase then it's at the touch of a button.